5 Priorities for World Cities in the post-covid recovery period

​In our sixth WCCF COVID-19 Impact and Policy Bulletin we looked at how COVID-19 is affecting climate action plans for culture. We found three main areas of impact.

Positive and negative impacts:

  • Lockdowns have reduced industrial activity and travel, reducing…

BOP’s report for Nanjing City Government demonstrates the importance of cross-cutting policies with a compelling cultural offer at the core

​BOP’s report, “Creating a Healthy Night-time Economy: Key Culture Indicators for World Cities”, was specially prepared for the Nanjing International Forum on Cultural Placemaking and the Night-time Economy in November…

Cities are using their unique capabilities to lead recovery and renewal

​A striking feature of the response to COVID-19 is the speed, scale and imagination of responses from all parts of society. Spontaneous mutual aid groups have sprung up amongst citizens. Businesses have pivoted to address the pandemic. Not-for-profits have…

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We are a research and strategy consultancy specialising in culture and the creative industries.

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