The Creative Industries need their own industrial strategy

  • To exploit our remaining access to European Investment Bank funds. This would secure capital to match fund and underwrite private investments in creative and digital capital industries, with a view to creating an ‘evergreen’ fund, on the lines of the co-investment model developed in London.
  • To enforce planning and land use policies, as well as reform taxation of business premises (on the basis of a land value tax). This will assure the continuing supply of affordable retail and industrial space for creative industries, allied with provision of affordable housing to enable both those of the 2.8 million people who work in the creative economy at risk of displacement, as well as young people looking to add to that number to find accommodation near those sources of employment.
  • To reform the visa system to allow employers to continue to attract the world’s best creative talent — the UK’s role as a cultural and creative entrepot is critical to its continuing international success, particularly in a world where harnessing growth in new markets in Asia, Africa and South America is critical to its future success.
  • To exclude overseas students from any measures of net migration, and reform visa rules to make it easier for them to remain in employment or continue their research in the UK on graduation.
  • To define a clear long term funding settlement for university teaching and research to provide certainty in planning for individuals and institutions alike.
  • To review funding and regulation of apprenticeships. The would ensure that they offer the flexibility needed by many smaller creative employers who are currently prevented from using this mechanism as a way to further increase employment in the creative economy.
  • To launch a Royal Commission on Creative Education to mitigate the negative effects of years of underinvestment in and downgrading of the status of arts and design subjects in schools.




We are a research and strategy consultancy specialising in culture and the creative industries.

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BOP Consulting

BOP Consulting

We are a research and strategy consultancy specialising in culture and the creative industries.

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